Private Nutrition Counseling

Foundations Program – 6 weeks – $599

The Get Nourished! Foundations Program is a great place to start if your diet and lifestyle are of out of balance and you are ready to clean up your diet, get moving, and improve your ability to handle stress. I help you focus on a nutrient-dense diet, remove common inflammatory foods, improve your sleep and incorporate appropriate exercise and stress-management techniques.


  • Initial Interview (90min)
  • Plan & Protocol Session (60min)
  • 4 Follow Up Sessions (45min)
  • Personalized Menu Plan


Personalized Health Restoration Program – 6 Months – $1799

The Get Nourished! Personalized Health Restoration Program is for you if you are ready to dedicate yourself to 6 months of hard work! This kind of investment in your health can have great rewards. Advanced laboratory testing allows us an in-depth look into your gut health, your blood markers, your adrenal function and hormonal health. We then develop a personalized protocol around diet, lifestyle and targeted, high-quality supplementation that aids in health restoration and balance. I provide ongoing support, helping you implement the plan, set a schedule and get into a routine that works for you.


  • Initial Interview (90min)
  • Plan & Protocol Session #1 (60min)
  • 10 Follow Up Sessions (45min)
  • E-mail correspondence as needed
  • Personalized Menu Plan

Note that costs of lab tests and supplements are not included.

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