Meet Patricia

Patricia Koss

Patricia Koss, Functional Nutritionist

Hello! My name is Patricia Koss and I am the founder of GET NOURISHED!, a holistic nutrition practice in the Portland, Oregon area. Most holistic nutrition practitioners that I’ve encountered have a personal story that drew them to this discipline. I am no exception. My debut into the world of nutritional therapy was primarily motivated by my own health challenges as well as those of my children. As such, I have compassion for anyone struggling with personal or family health issues. And, like many of you, I have persisted in a search for the right answers, the right protocol, that would transport me from constant worry and stress to a state of optimal health. I’m very pleased to say that my pursuit has not gone unrewarded.

But the journey has no end, and there is no single protocol. As we age, as our environments change, so do our health and nutritional needs. And while our needs are unique and transient, they are also discoverable. I hope you will allow me to help guide you in the discovery process, so that soon you will have the ability to recognize for yourself what foods aggravate undesirable symptoms and health conditions, and what foods feed and nourish you and/or your family.

My education and research over the years has led me to understand the importance of nutrition and lifestyle as powerful and irreplaceable components of any health care regimen, regardless of the health challenge one faces. While I do not diagnose or treat disease, I am trained to use and interpret advanced laboratory testing to identify biochemical imbalances, and to use targeted specialized supplementation, along with dietary and lifestyle measures to help restore your body’s optimal health and function.

Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition® Restorative Wellness Practitioner  The National Association of Nutrition Professionals  Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner  RESTART Licensed Instructor