The Functional Approach

Together we uncover the root causes of your symptoms in a therapeutic partnership, understanding that each individual is unique and that the body’s systems are all interconnected.

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Get Nourished in Body & Mind

Together with clients, we develop a nutrition and lifestyle protocol to help prevent, manage, and sometimes reverse the symptoms of often debilitating chronic diseases.

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Nutrition Education 

Understanding the impact of nutrition and lifestyle on your health is empowering and motivating. Learn how to prepare nourishing meals that are also simple and delicious.

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As a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, my role is to help you to both define and achieve your health goals. I do this by educating you about how nutrition and lifestyle have contributed to your health condition. Together we will discover how your unique physiology interacts with food and your environment. And together, we will develop a plan that helps you take charge of your own health.