The Functional Nutrition Approach

The Functional Nutrition Approach first recognizes that there is no single protocol, no magic pill, and no brilliant practitioner ready to magically transform you from a state of disease to a state of optimal health. So how DO I help you?

I believe in creating a therapeutic partnership that supports you on your health journey. Together we will explore your health history, how you respond to stress and different foods in the past and currently, and really try to figure out what is going on in your body to create unpleasant symptoms. Those symptoms could include unwanted weight gain, aches and pains, migraines, digestive problems, acid reflux, irritability, fatigue, and so on. We start this journey so that we can discover the root causes of your symptoms or diagnosis. Of course, I will help you safely address symptoms in the short term as well, but our ultimate goal is to sustainably address the root cause.

The concept of bio-individuality recognizes that two people with virtually identical symptoms may have very different root causes. We need to determine how YOUR body is functioning and how it responds to different foods and supplements. When we account for your unique physiology in conjunction with your individual circumstances (age, ethnicity, type of employment, culture, individual preferences, family situation…) it becomes even more obvious that a protocol that resolves one person’s set of symptoms may not work at all for you, even if your symptoms are identical!

The functional nutrition approach recognizes that the systems of the body work together – you cannot treat one part of the body without impacting another, either positively or negatively!

It helps to accept that one of the hardest but most essential parts of starting this journey is preparation. And the journey itself can feel overwhelming. I provide ongoing support, helping you develop a plan, set a schedule and get into a routine that works for you.